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Guided rainforest treks will inspire you and take your breath away as you stand among towering, ancient cedars and venture deep into the heart of Haida culture.

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Stunning Arctic landscapes. Rain forest walks with local storytellers. Enchanting Northern Lights viewed from a campfire. What’s on your wishlist? Our Canada travel packages range from the urban to remote and they all include authentic Indigenous culture, sharing, and stories from Indigenous peoples across the country. Start your exploration of Indigenous tourism now and explore Canada!
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    Experience Indigenous tourism in Canada. Immerse yourself in the culture and stories of the land and the hundreds of different Indigenous nations from across the country on one of our Canada tour packages. Learn of our relationship to the land, our families and history through the seasons and generations. Connect with both the past and the vibrant modern future of us, as determined and resilient peoples.

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    As an international travel management company, The Travel Group has just celebrated its 30th year in business and is an active member in key Canadian consortia’s. This website was created in partnership with the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, and we’re pleased to show you a sample of Canada experience highlights that are anchored around culturally rich Indigenous tourism throughout the country.