North of the Arctic Circle Tour

Ice Roads, Reindeer Herding, and Snowmobiles

4 Days | Northwest Territories

A trip of a lifetime awaits you in Canada’s extreme north. Experience the Northern way of life and the stark beauty of the tundra, on the Arctic Tour. Travel an actual ice road and the famous Dempster Highway, take in cultural activities shared by your Inuvialuit host, and snowmobile alongside reindeer herders as they drive the massive herd towards Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean.

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4 Days


Northwest Territories

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North of the Arctic Circle Tour Itinerary

Reindeer herding

Pingo National Landmark


Reindeer on the Tundra

Aklavik Ice Road

Region: Northwest Territories

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Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Inuvik to Aklavik

Fly into Inuvik where your guide will greet you for an adventure down the iconic Aklavik Ice Road! During this journey, your local guide will teach you about Aklavik, the history of Ice Road, and the people that call this area home! Once you’ve arrived in Aklavik you will be taken on a Cultural town tour with your local guide, and have the potential to meet a local elder. Once the town tour is finished and you have said goodbye to Aklavik, you will return to Inuvik where you will spend the rest of your evening at the beautiful Mackenzie Hotel. Make sure to get some rest because tomorrow will be another incredible day!

Day 2

Tuktoyaktuk (‘Tuk’)

After a hearty breakfast at the Mackenzie Hotel, you will be picked up and driven down the brand new Mackenzie Valley Highway to Tuktoyaktuk, referred to by locals as simply ‘Tuk’. There you will get on to your snowmobile for a short safety lesson. Once everyone is comfortable on their snowmobiles and ready for adventure, we’ll head out towards the reindeer herd.

During the hour-long snowmobile adventure, you will be able to experience the Arctic in an incredibly unique way.  The stunning icy whiteness of the Tundra is home to giant herds of reindeer which can be larger than 3000 members.  Along with your local Indigenous guides, you will be able to participate in herding these vast groups which will provide one-of-a-kind photo experiences. 

After your snowmobile Arctic tour, you’ll be taken to the basecamp for the evening where you can relax, enjoy great food, explore the area, check out the igloo, and watch the northern lights. 

Day 3

Inuvik to Tuk

Wake up to a fresh Arctic morning and continue on a snowmobile back to the reindeer herd for a brief visit, and last photo opportunity before returning to the Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk highway. Once arrived you will start your journey down the historic Dempster Highway from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk, one of the most remote highways in the world!

Your definition of ‘epic’ will expand again when you visit local sites of Tuktoyaktuk like the famed Canadian Pingo Landmark. During your tour of Pingo National Landmark, your guide will explain how these surreal geographical land formations of ice and sand were made, as well as how the local Inuvialuit who live with this land as part of their daily existence, used them for lookouts and ice freezers!

In this truly incredible third day of your authentic experience at the frozen Arctic Ocean, your guide will share stories about travelling on the ice, the way of life for Arctic hunters, and how the Inuvialuit people have survived for generations in such an extreme environment. A second-time around on the highway will bring new sights, photo opportunities and continued tales of the North, as the group heads back to Inuvik!

Day 4


This is your day to experience Inuvik, see the local landmarks, meet the locals, and buy souvenirs before you are shuttled from your hotel back to the airport for your departure back home. As you fly away from this remote Arctic region you will be overcome with memories and forever be changed by your experiences in this remote region of the world. Your time in the Arctic will always be with you as you share aww-inspiring stories with family and friends for years to come.

What's Included

This package includes experiences with the following authentic Indigenous tourism businesses:

  • Tundra North Tours

Package includes:

  • 4-Day Guided Tour
  • A full-day reindeer-herding experience
  • Accommodations at The Mackenzie Hotel and Reindeer Lodge
  • Airport shuttle service
  • All meals while on your tours and while staying at the lodge

* Package price is the suggested starting price per person based on a double occupancy and does not include taxes.

** Flight option not included in package price. Transportation may vary to customer request and availability.

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