Nunavik Arctic Wildlife Tour

Polar bears, Musk Ox, and Caribou

7 Days | Quebec

Imagine being on the Arctic tundra, above the tree line, with a front and centre view of polar bears, musk-ox, and caribou. Inuit Adventures take you on a dynamic Arctic tour circuit that will lead you into their remote lands, far from man’s reach, to see and photograph the 'big three' of Arctic wildlife. Your stay will include a visit to four villages that lie along the coast of Ungava Bay - the starting points to the magnificent scenery and wildlife of Nunavik.

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7 Days



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May - October

Nunavik Arctic Wildlife Tour Itinerary

Icebergs near Quaqtaq

Throat singers

Musk-oxen on the spongy tundra

Wildlife canoe expedition


Region: Quebec

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Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Montreal to Kujjuaq and on to Quaqtaq

Arriving from Montreal and landing first in Kuujjuaq, you connect on Air Inuit to the village of Quaqtaq on the shores of Diana Bay in Nunavik. You are now on the vast tundra of northern Quebec, the homeland of the Inuit. Your Inuit Adventures guide will meet you for a town tour and a visit of Cape Hopes Advance, the abandoned weather station that operated from 1928 to 1970. From the top of the hill, spot some splendid icebergs that often drift past at this time of the year. Returning to Quaqtaq later in the day you overnight at the Quaqtaq Co-op Hotel.

Day 2

Boat Tour and Hiking at Diana Island

At high tide, you will leave by freighter canoe for Diana Island. Be ready to take pictures of beluga whales, other sea mammals, and Eider ducks. See how the Inuit delicately remove the Eiderdown from the nests that they will use to make their warm Nunavik parkas. Hike across Diana Island and discover wild Arctic flowers and herds of resident musk-oxen. Return to Quaqtaq later in the day and overnight at the Quaqtaq Co-op Hotel.

Day 3

Fly to Kangirsuk and Fjord Canoe Tour

Early morning, take a walk in the village and meet the friendly people of this tiny Inuit community before you board a Dash 8 airplane that will fly you to the village of Kangirsuk. Meet your local Inuit guides who will navigate with you by canoe on an Artic tour of the beautiful fjord of Payne River towards Kangirsuk Camp. It is very common to see northern caribou roaming around on the shores or crossing the river in July. Overnight at the Kangirsuk Co-op Hotel.

Day 4

River Tour to Caribou Migration and Cultural Performances

As the high tide starts coming in you will leave by canoe, with your guides, and travel the waterways on the Payne River to locate other caribou migration routes, you will have many opportunities to take awe-inspiring photos. After the tour, you will go back to the village of Kangirsuk where Indigenous throat singers will perform for you in the evening. Overnight accommodation is at the Kangirsuk Co-op Hotel.

Day 5

Hike Across the Tundra and Flight to Tasiujaq

In the morning, your guides will take you for an arctic tour hike on the spongy tundra which is an experience in itself. Explore, lift your head, see the birds and breathe in the fresh Arctic air. See majestic Northern wildlife such as musk-oxen, foxes, Arctic hare, wolves, and black bears. After your stunning hike, return to Kangirsuk and take the beautiful flight to Tasiujaq. Stay overnight at the lovely Tasiujaq Hotel.

Day 6

Arctic Canoe Tour to Leaf Basin

At high tide, your guides are waiting for you with their canoes to take you for a day-long Arctic excursion amongst the many islands where polar bears are often seen. It is your chance to take pictures of these wild majestic animals and the spectacular scenery of the Leaf Basin where tides often exceed 15 meters. Return to the village later in the day and overnight at the Tasiujaq Hotel.

Day 7

Tasiujaq to Kuujjuaq and on to Montreal

It is already your last day in Nunavik. Before leaving this magical place, you will be given a town tour by your local Indigenous guide. After a delicious lunch at the hotel, fly back to Kuujjuaq where you will take your southbound flight to Montreal.

What's Included

This package includes experiences with the following authentic Indigenous tourism businesses:

  • Inuit Adventures

Package includes:

  • Round trip air transportation from Montreal to Kuujjuaq with First Air
  • One way air transportation from Kuujjuaq to Quaqtaq, from Quaqtaq to Kangirsuk, from Kangirsuk to Kuujuaq, from Kuujjuaq to Tasiujaq, and from Tasiujaq to Kuujjuaq with Air Inuit
  • 6 night accommodations in comfortable hotels
  • Walking tours, cultural performances, hiking tours, canoe tours, and scenic flights
  • All delicious meals during the tour

* Package price is the suggested starting price per person based on a double occupancy and does not include taxes.

** Flight option not included in package price. Transportation may vary to customer request and availability.

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